Solar Cleaner F3500 Telescopic


Solar Cleaner F3500 Telescopic is the self-propelled version of the series of photovoltaic panel cleaning machines produced by B.P. Metalmaccanica, Italy and Infra Energy Pvt. Ltd is the official distributor of this machine in Pakistan. This cutting-edge technology machine designed & built for specific purpose guarantees unique performance, durability and cleaning efficiency (90-95%) for ground mounted, fixed, tracker or Heliostat, made with poly crystalline or thin film, large scale solar parks. Its average working speed is 900-1200 m/hour (5 MW per day) and particularly suitable for desert areas. It is useful for both dry & wet cleaning with control of water consumption according to degree of dirt. It has built-in water tank of 1600 liters capacity with water softening system and average water consumption is 0.4/0.8 liters per panel for wet cleaning. The machine is equipped with an air-conditioned cockpit, which makes its use comfortable and working lights located on the front and rear that allow it to be used even at night. Currently Cleaning machines are operating in 18 countries: Italy, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, UK, Portugal, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, India, China, California, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Spain. Learn more about this product from BP Metalmeccanica, Italy by browsing website: