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Welcome and thank you for visiting Infra Energy website and we invite you to explore our services.
As a Founder and CEO of Infra Energy Pvt. Ltd., I am proud to introduce our new vibrant Renewable Energy Consultancy company, also working as Project Management Company in Lahore, Pakistan.

This company is formed by a group of Renewable Energy (RE) generation Experts, Investment specialists, Financial Controllers, Construction management specialists, experienced RE engineers and Legal & regulatory Experts. All group members share their relating experiences and help towards Company’s growth.

We also work with several RE professional partners locally and globally to deliver quality RE services to our customers.

Renewable Energy is our future in Pakistan. Therefore, our future direction is towards promotion of Renewable Energy in Pakistan. We have deep passion to extend this clean energy to all corners of our country by working only on Renewable Energy projects.

We have developed our strategy and organization to support our customers, based on our experience and expertise, in selecting and developing latest RE technologies, cost efficient and reliable RE projects, risk reduction, improved business ROI and to optimize value of projects through all stages of project life cycle.

As these days, we are shifting from fossil fuel generation i.e. oil, coal and LNG to Renewable Energy resources to reduce generation cost as well their impact on the environment, we offer multiple RE technologies like Solar and Wind. Another source of renewable energy is Biomass/ Biogas technology is also used, which convert the organic waste to produce heat & energy.

We also enable Micro grid technology that keeps critical infrastructure energized for both grid connected and islanded operation during grid tripping and supply power to remote areas.

We generate new value and greater performance through Energy Efficiency projects planning and implementation to lower energy cost, reduce risks and optimize value of plants and buildings.

We work on Waste to Energy projects to support our nation in environment friendly way.

In transition to RE development, we implement new business models such as Distributed Generation and Off-grid Energy Access to benefit communities and local economy of rural areas.

We also improve the value of RE projects to achieve de-carbonization targets, offset carbon emissions and to assist investors in reclaiming carbon foot prints.

As part of our responsibility, we also support environmental initiatives, sustainable Development Goals 2030 and our focus is also to help achieve the following targets:

-Increase in share of Renewable Energy in total generation to 30% by 2030 (8000 MW RE to be added by 2025 while it will increase to 20,000 MW by 2030.)

-20% reduction in emissions by 2030 (amounting to 1603 Million tons of Co2 equivalent.)

We are a company with bright future with plans to develop local Sustainable Societies for our many future generations to come while Infra Energy seeks to become Pakistan’s Renewable Energy leader.

At the end, we believe that Pakistani nation and world has the ability to overcome COVID-19 crisis and we shall continue to make contributions towards Renewable Energy in our society.
Please take care of yourself and your families.
June, 2020

Sajjad Ahmad Sajid
Founder & CEO

About Mr. Sajid


Mr. Sajid is an Electrical Engineer having more than 40 years long professional experience in execution of Energy projects in Pakistan and Saudi-Arabia. He worked on supervision of EPC and O&M works on 100 MW Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Plant, Pakistan’s first utility scale, grid connected, PV solar power project for more than 5 years and left as Chief Technical Officer by end April, 2020. Before that, he worked for 30 years on many EHV grid construction projects in Saudi Arabia, mainly with Siemens Energy SA for 20 years. At the start of his career with WAPDA, he worked on 500kV Faisalabad-Multan-Jamshoro Transmission Line in Pakistan. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan in 1977 and is PMP certified Project Manager.

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